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its me, hi!

Hello! My name is Emily Brenchley and I am a lifestyle photographer based out of central New York. I am also married to my best friend and a mother to three sweet souls. I love capturing the big & little moments of everyone’s evolving story. My husband and children will always be my greatest inspiration because I don't ever want to forget or miss a thing! Turning those moments into a photograph is important because as a mom I know life moves fast.

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Fun Facts About Me

been married to this handsom guy named Mark Brenchley for 10 years this year

a momma to 3 awesome kiddos named Mason, Owen, & Mila!

proud owner to 2 dogs & a kitten

grew up on a registered dairy farm and I still prefer simple country living

I *think* my favorite color is dusty blue but that's a tough question

Im a Cancer born in July

I love taking walks

favorite dessert is Tiramisu

I love to sing & all things music.

Im a firm believe of sunshine, fresh air & homemade unprocessed food.

Running my photography business for over 5 years now!